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Happy welcome on my website. I’m Federico a young student focused on marketing. I started studing in Italy, Genoa, then I moved in US. Firstly in San Francisco to work as Program Coordinator in Mind the Bridge (MTB), where basically my work consisted in organize and plan Startup schools for global entities. Then in Boston, attending my final Master in Marketing at Hult International Business School. The most influencing and motivating enviroment I visit was Silicon Valley. I faced the oppotunity to be very close to the top 10 global corporates – Facebook, Apple, Google, Adobe, Salesforce, Marketo, Twitter and more. In the meantime I was working in MTB – smaller company – developing practical, analitical and responsability skills, fundamental for the SV enviroment.

Federico Gobbi - multilanguage website

Multi-language Websites & Blogs

In the creation of websites, blogs and e-commerce i also offer the possibility to have the translation of the entire site on the customer’s request and in all required languages. This will give to your site a greater internationally visibility and therefore a greater chance of success on the web.

Federico Gobbi - Smartphone & Tablet Layout

Compatibility with Smartphone & Tablet

Web sites and blogs are all made with 100% compatibility with Smartphone & Tablet layout to be optimized for customers who do not necessarily use PCs (Personal Computers). This mode allows you to optimize the presentation of your site on your market and make it more affordable for any user.

Federico Gobbi - Wordpress logo

Development on WordPress platform

WordPress is a software platform of “personal publishing” and content management system (CMS) developed in PHP and uses MySQL as the database. I realize, of 100% of the development, websites with this platform at very high potentials from the graphic point of view.

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With term optimization (in English Search Engine Optimization in SEO acronym) in the language of the internet means all those activities designed to achieve the best detection, analysis and interpretation of the web site from search engines through their spiders, thanks to a better positioning.

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Creating Websites & Blogs

Realization of every type of website or blog: Featured, E-Commerce, restricted areas, blogs and much more.

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Consulting and Support

Consultations on “branding” company and support of each type of problem encountered by the customer.

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.”


My experience built on the field, day after day. Every business and every project is the basis from which I could add several training courses on ‘”Online & Offline Marketing”. I build on my skills daily to always be UPDATED and WINNING.

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Federico Gobbi - CSS3 logo
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L’HTML is what is read and interpreted by browsers (the programs with which we surf on the internet) and stands for HyperText Markup Language. It is used to format content.

Il CSS ( Cascading style sheet ) is a file that is connected properly via a special command to the HTML file, allows the browser to recognize and identify the look and feel you want for your site.

Photoshop CC is the basis for any creative project digitally. The app for image processing world’s most advanced allows you to optimizeretouch e manipulate photographs and other images in any way you suggest the imagination.


Federico Gobbi Logo

Logo Federico Gobbi

Federico Gobbi - Portfolio - Video presentazione mondo online

Video Presentazione Mondo Online

Federico Gobbi - Portfolio - Ariadimare B&B

Ariadimare Bed&Breakfast Genova

Said about me …

  • "Conosco Federico Gobbi da un paio di anni. Non ho conosciuto un ragazzo piu’ motivato e determinato di lui. E’ molto competente nel web marketing ed ha sempre idee nuove e innovative. Farà sicuramente strada in questo campo; ne sono assolutamente certo vista la sua perizia e padronanza della materia."
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  • "I had the pleasure to work with Federico Gobbi and I can confirm all the great qualities exposed by all his colleagues: He is a tenacious worker and a natural born leader. I'm confident that he will achieve all the targets he set for his life."
    Rudolfo Manica Testimonial - www.federicogobbi.com
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  • " Grazie Fede, mi piace molto il sito che ci hai fatto, ci rispecchia ed è molto funzionale. E poi, cosa non secondaria, hai rispettato i tempi. Sono molto contenta anche del rapporto qualità/prezzo. 🙂 "
    Francesca Valle Testimonial - federicogobbi.com
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  • "Gran bel lavoro Fede!!! 🙂 Bravissimo!! Insisti e persisti nei tuoi obiettivi e vedrai che arriverai lontano!!! GRANDEEEEEE! In bocca al lupo per tutto! 🙂 "
    Ilaria Marano Testimonial - federicogobbi.com
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  • "Federico Gobbi is a great Italian leader. I had the pleasure of working with him in the same business and he opened with his Italian team the Italian market. Federico's main qualities are leadership and motivation :)"
    Ted Nuyten testimonial
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  • "Conosco Federico da tempo, persona molto seria e professionale con grandi conoscenze dell'internet marketing!"
    federico gobbi - dino coghe testimonial
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  • "Grande Federico Gobbi, un ragazzo dotato di grande determinazione e coraggio....Un vero piacere averti conosciuto."
    Federico gobbi - lorenzo grassia testimonial
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  • "Grande fede, sono certo che diventerai sempre più forte . La tua costanza e determinazione ti porterà in alto, mi ha fatto grande piacere conoscerti tempo fa, e spero in una collaborazione più concreta un domani e vicina."
    Federico gobbi - marco savigni testimonial
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  • "Quando ho conosciuto Federico ho percepito fin da subito la sua serietà e il suo entusiasmo che lo motivano ogni giorno a portare avanti le sue idee. Professionale e simpatico, parlare di affari con lui è un vero piacere! Gli auguro di avere il successo che merita!"
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